Welcome Back from These Messages

Annnnnnnd… I’m back!

Its been quite a long time since I thought about putting a post up here, and its been a much shorter time between thinking of writing something and actually doing so.

Alot has happened in the past few … um weeks? months?… millennium? Well whatever the time period is things are finally looking up for me. I left my job at Shit Shack, eventually moved out of Lethbridge (sadly leaving many good friends behind), and eventually got a new job up here in the northern wasteland of lloydminster.

A new job? My imaginary readers may ask in what I can only assume is a sing-song voice. Well if you haven’t already learned the clairvoyance, esp, or espn, I am now a Graphic designer for a marketing firm up here. I make logos, signs, graphics, shirts, ect.. pretty much anything I can (Or more appropriately the client can vaguely refer to) is within the realm of my job. And for once, I most reluctantly have to say… I love my job.

But away from the topic of fulfilling employment for a moment. I’ll be making some t-shirts for a few friends, I think I’ll post the initial graphics here. So without further a due of dilly dallying (Whatever that is), heres an image I think Jen might like for a t-shirt.