A. Amoeba #5

Wow… never thought I’d make it to 5 postings on time….

Hmmm, and the apocalypse never happened. Clearly the end is near!

These wounds they will not heal! ... Well they might

It has also come to my attention that those are not the lyrics for the Linkin Park song I was thinking of….. Clearly this is to protect myself against copyright issues! Yup, thats it.

Another A. Amoeba!

I dream a dream,
of cabbages and kings,
of sealing wax and strings,
of mixed literary, movie, and historic referances,
of pointless rambling, rambling, and repetition.

Oh and here’s a comic

No one knows noses like Amoebidae knows noses

A. Amoeba #2

Well my first on time update… and they said I’d be a failure at life. Well I showed them!

No delicious bagels for Mr. Amoeba

A. Amoeba #1

Presenting the fantastic… or ‘FUN’tastic life of A. Amoeba!

Meet The Amoeba

Click for a larger image, but I think its readable as it.
Theres 12 more were that came from.