A Finished Sketch!

Wow, I haven’t finished any of my sketches in a loong time. Well here’s the result of an hour of screwing around in Corel.



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9 Responses to A Finished Sketch!

  1. alirthome says:

    Hilarious! probably would have worked just as well without the beveling and drop shadow. Sorry, i’m a bit biast. Its really adorable

    • kindasane says:

      Thank you, I completely agree about the drop shadow. I was trying to make it pop a little more but I guess I went overboard :p As for the beveling, there isn’t any, just a thick stroke of yellow around it.

  2. This one is delicious!

    I do like the dropped shadow on it; it does help it “pop” from the background. However, I don’t like the shading on the fish. I also think you should have kept the “Is Good 4 U.!” (Maybe Gud?) slogan, despite it’s lack of subtlety, hah.

    • kindasane says:

      I may tweak it in the future, but with a new sketch everyday (And just starting the second playthrough of Borderlands) I’m not sure I’ll find time for a while.

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