The Adventures of Account Dracula

Be warned terrible puns will follow for a while now, this is Fridays update as I’ll be down at the Calgary Entertainment Expo tonight through Monday. If you happen to be in that end of the world feel free to stop by my friends booth at Los Muertos Ink which will be booth #1023 under the flag “Loose Union Comics”.


As anyone who knows me can attest I hate banking hours, sorry I typed that wrong I HAAAAAAATE banking hours.

But I’m packing to go down to Calgary for the Entertainment Expo, tomorrows update will be today before I leave

Descartes Sink

Weeeeellll, an early post today. I quit my job and escaped hell. The needle that broke the proverbial horses back was when my “boss” (in quotations because the man doesn’t deserve such a title), banned me from drawing and reading anything educational, as apparently I might make money from such en devours. That, plus, he wanted me to pay for his broken vacuum, which was a piece of crap when he bought it.

But good riddance to bad rubbish, onward and upward to bigger and better things.


Well here’s a rough rough rough sketch, I’ve been working on more figure drawing and the likes, slowly improving I hope

Painting #1

Decided to paint this for a friend who will be letting me stay at his place whilst I visit the Calgary Entertainment Expo. I might still touch it up once I find my smaller paintbrush

No New Art Today

Sorry for not updating today, got working on a painting, and kind of lost track of time, so double update tommorow and heres the updated version of my evil strawberry design (Which is for sale on a shirt here).