Playing with Watercolor Pen Thingies

Yeah, the watercolor marker/pen things don’t work at all, half of the pack I got was nearly out of paint when I first opened it, not my wisest purchase.

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7 Responses to Playing with Watercolor Pen Thingies

  1. G.D. Hardin says:

    hate when I waste money like that.

    • kindasane says:

      Yeah, they weren’t cheap either 😦

      By the end of this picture I was just dabbing them against the paper since they refused to flow properly, and unfortunately staples is the closest thing we have here to an art supply store

  2. eyespider says:

    still, the blue shadows are kind of cool

  3. T. says:

    Watercolours pens are a pain in the ass. Unecessarily messy, especially when they explode inside your tool box.

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