Rocketing Robot Finished

And here’s the little flying mechanical menace now, fresh from the photoshop oven.

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5 Responses to Rocketing Robot Finished

  1. That robot turned out very well. Love the shading. Also really like the background. The satellite’s silhouette catches my eye, and I like the whispy clouds.

    In other news: fire in a vaccuum!

    • kindasane says:

      I overdid the glow, but I’m happy with it. My favorite part is the dome part on the top of the robots head, I love how it turned out. As for the fire…. me and a committee of people whom could have been potentially scientists discussed it and concluded that the robot is expelling massive amounts of oxygen first then firing its rocket.

      Yup, that sounds almost reasonable :p

      • I’ll pretend to buy that!

        The dome does look really smooth. I like the red faceplate. Maybe a little bit overboard on the glow, but I like it regardless.

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