Can You Guess Who

Its a mystery! Well not really, but 1 free internet point or appropriate fictional currency to the first person who identifies whom I was trying to paint here.

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6 Responses to Can You Guess Who

  1. Brentallica says:

    It’s obviously House. The guy who plays House. Am I right?

    • kindasane says:

      Lol, 100% correct. Hugh Laurie. My portraits rarely look like who their suppose to, this time it seems I managed to get at least a little close to his likeness

      • Brentallica says:

        What do I win? I think it looks just like him….with just a little imagination. 🙂

      • kindasane says:

        This was actually my 3rd attempt at drawing him :p As for winning… hmmm, you have a choice between honor on the internet or picking the next celebrity/other person that I attempt to draw at a later date

      • Brentallica says:

        Ok….Honor on the internet does sound pretty tempting. I can always add that to my resume, but I just can’t pass up the other officer. I am going to have to request one of America’s true treasures; Mr. Howard Stern.

      • kindasane says:

        As it has been requested, so it shall be… eventually. Possibly after poker tonight :p

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