Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles

Decided to do a word web to come up with ideas of what to draw. Hot -> Ice Cream -> Toppings -> Sprinkles -> Rainbow. I kind of like how this turned out.

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2 Responses to Ice Cream With Rainbow Sprinkles

  1. Fantastic.

    APART from that, all of the stars are tilted to the same degree in the same direction, which irks me. My unprofessioned eyes dislike the shading on the cone. And the colours used for the words/slogan “Wanna Lick?” are almost a pattern, but the reds and oranges are out of pattern and off-shade, respectively.

    Love the star glasses. Glad you started up again. Fantastic.

  2. kindasane says:

    Lol, glad you like the glasses :p

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