Or Else It Gets the Hose Again

Couldn’t get this image out of my head :p So I had to make it

In other news, I’m pretty sure I hate copyright law. I just had my Clockwork Orange design taken down from cafepress…. despite the fact that its an incomplete quote, I made the caricature of Alex from scratch, it’s a different font from the movie, and most frustrating of all TONS of people have similar knock offs on their accounts. Oh well.

Suicide Squid

I know full well this is an octopus, but squid sounds better for a title. Just played around with adjustment levels in photoshop on a sketch.

The Adventures of Account Dracula

Be warned terrible puns will follow for a while now, this is Fridays update as I’ll be down at the Calgary Entertainment Expo tonight through Monday. If you happen to be in that end of the world feel free to stop by my friends booth at Los Muertos Ink which will be booth #1023 under the flag “Loose Union Comics”.