Self Portrait (Odd)

Did a self portrait while waiting in my truck at work. Since I can’t do anything normally I just kept adding strange details. I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out.

An Odd Fruit Bowl


About a year and a half ago I started a new job up in northern Canada. Mostly I just sit in a truck all day and kill time. But recently I decided to start drawing again. Seems to be as good as any hobby right now.

More Paintings

Well I was bored today.
If anyone knows any tricks for taking pictures of paintings, I appreciate any advice.

2013-08-10 18.39.31
I might add a bit more to this one, not too sure yet.

2013-08-10 18.38.51
Added more detail and warmed up the colours a bit here, I’ll keep tinkering with this one for a while yet.

2013-08-10 18.39.11
Just barely started this one, not too sure what its going to look like when its done yet.


Polished up that last picture, I think I may have used black a bit too excessively, but it was a learning experience.